Experiment #6- Slam Poetry

The first time I felt insecure I was 10.
Passing remarks about how I should “go eat a burger” or “put some meat on my bones” caused me to question my self worth.
10 is too young to not feel anything but assurance in your self worth.
Worth to myself that I am enough.
Enough to overcome the passing, snarky remarks of people who take pleasure in your downfalls.

I was 13 when I couldn’t eat.
Starved myself for the compliments I was starved for.
Classmates said I should “go eat a salad” or I had “too much meat on my bones.”
I learned that while I may be starving, they were full.
Full of hatred for themselves; only able to let it out on others.
Only able to feel secure by making others insecure.

I learned at 13 years old that people make you feel less than because they feel less than.
Less than worthy, less than perfect, less than what others are.
They’re hurting because of their own issues with self worth.
But really what you’re worth to your self isn’t defined by others but by your self.
So don’t let the brazen passing remarks of other let you get hurt by someone who’s hurting.
Instead, love others but firstly love yourself.
Because that’s the first step to healing and helping yourself.


  1. Powerful! Thank you for sharing this. (I hope you'll consider reading it out loud to the class.) :)

  2. Really like this poem. It's very good.


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