Elizabeth makes her way down the aisle of the airplane into her seat. She sighs a happy sigh and starts reading. Derrick make his way to Elizabeth.

Derrick: I think you're in my seat.
Elizabeth: No, I don't believe so. I payed extra for this.
Derrick: No Im positive.
Elizabeth: Well I dont know what to tell you. I paid for Row F Seat A and this is where Im staying.
Derrick: Ok miss whats your name?
Elizabeth: Elizabeth but I--
Derrick: Okay listen Lizzy, I paid for this seat and I am NOT going to sit in some aisle seat for some old smelly dude to step on my feet and push past me on his way to the bathroom.
Elizabeth: Well then I guess you'll just learn to embrace the smell.
Derrick. Thats it. Miss flight attendent? yes. This woman here wont remove her self from MY seat that I bought.
Elizabeth: Miss. Look at my ticket. It says right here Row F Seat A. And this obnoxious man has been pestering me for 10 minutes.
Derrick:10 minutes? Are you crazy, lady? It's been 10 seco…

A Poem for the Clouds

Better left spoken, better left said.
Better left lullabies, dancing through my head.
Better left in the atmosphere,
Better left in the clouds.
That's where heads belong.
Don't let their thoughts get loud.

The Lost Arrow of Artemis- Experiment 11

The Lost Arrow of Artemis

An unaware, adopted woman was born into the lineage of a greek king. The king was gifted the arrow of Artemis centuries ago. A woman in modern times was hired to find this special heirloom. Her career is a hired specialist in ancient artifacts. She goes on a quest to find it with the help of her 2 friends that she finds along the way. In her journey she goes to Greece to find the lost arrow but comes across the Greek royal family, and finds out that she happens to be related to them. She begins looking for her legacy, family, and her arrow. It started out as a quest for the lost arrow but becomes a quest for her lost identity.


Welcome to Alientronica. Here at Alinetronica we aim to give you the greatest, otherworldly experience. Due to our population cut and frequent suicides, out planet is very roomy.. if I do say so myself. You may enjoy fun activities like: darts with human target, hunting with human targets, and buffet...with human course meals. We offer a wide range of food, from mashed braintatoes to eyeball cupcakes. We have beautiful views of our hard soldiers at work helping to maintain the population by killing hundreds of local humans. We bring in the finest of humans for your viewing pleasure. They will be available to purchase in our main office. Please enjoy your stay and come again.

Beginning of My Book (very, very rough and needs a lot of work)

Prologue Amidst it all, she felt inexplicably with all she was and all she was supposed to be, that there was one thing that she could accredit her life to. The power of the past; the force in which drives the universe into full gear, and pushes people past the mundane into the future. Nostalgia is to be defined as, “a sentiment of longing or affection for the past with a personal association.” What if there was no association to a sentiment of longing? What explains how you can miss something in which you have never fully experienced? How do you try to associate with a time period that derived from before you were born? These seemed to be all the ambiguous questions she asked herself every time she looked at an old photograph or heard her grandmother's old Andy Williams record. Sometimes she wondered if there was a fluke in the universe and somehow she got dropped off a few decades late. But this is where she really began to indefinitely wonder about the semantics of her affinity,…
Experiment #6- Slam Poetry

The first time I felt insecure I was 10.
Passing remarks about how I should “go eat a burger” or “put some meat on my bones” caused me to question my self worth.
10 is too young to not feel anything but assurance in your self worth.
Worth to myself that I am enough.
Enough to overcome the passing, snarky remarks of people who take pleasure in your downfalls.

I was 13 when I couldn’t eat.
Starved myself for the compliments I was starved for.
Classmates said I should “go eat a salad” or I had “too much meat on my bones.”
I learned that while I may be starving, they were full.
Full of hatred for themselves; only able to let it out on others.
Only able to feel secure by making others insecure.

I learned at 13 years old that people make you feel less than because they feel less than.
Less than worthy, less than perfect, less than what others are.
They’re hurting because of their own issues with self worth.
But really what you’re worth to your self isn’t defined b…
Experiment #2
Kiss me, haunt me, break my heart

I want to get over you, but I don't know where to start

I changed my whole self for a moment so fleeting

I want to find me again; maybe in time, with healing

You hurt me, forgot me, broke my heart

I've finally stopped missing you

I guess that's a good start