Barnabus Moreau

The letter from my book: 
“Aleksei, old friend,

I am writing you, once again, to warn you. You seemed to have not responded to my previous letters, or taken heed to their warnings. I have tried telling you time and time again. This is not something, in which you want to mess with. Your girl cannot stay here. Harm will come upon her, if you do not act further. She does not belong. If you trust me in any way, then you must believe me when I say that she has to go back. Time is not something that you want to mess with. Furthermore, I do wish you the best and the most happiness forthcoming. Please do not make a mistake that you will regret. Any longer, and I fear that she will parish from this time.

All the love,

A Poem for You

"See you soon" he said to me after we hugged in the street

I smiled sadly and waved, wishing the time could skip to two weeks

The past few weeks play in my head like a picture

I hoep that when you go back, you try not to kiss her.

I never thought I'd like you, just thought I liked the way you held me

But it turns out I like you, and all the things you tell me.

I tried so hard not to like you, I liked to keep up my wall

But then you look at me with that smile, and all I can do is fall.

You hugged me tighter than ever while we were dancing real slow

I told you that I'll miss you and you whispered "wait for me to come home."

A Poem for the Blind

The lights surrounding us are so bright

So bright that they are blinding

I used to not care about the lights

Only the blinding light from your smile

But now I only want the sun to set

To hide away the light

So I can finally see

A Poem for the Heartless

In one moment I'm so blissfully happy

Then the next, you leave me in pain.

And I'll never understand if you mean the things you say.

I'll never forget what you did

Or the things you said in May

But I feel happier knowing you could never make me happy for longer than a day.

A Song for the Gamblers

A Song for the Gamblers
The screaming and crying, hysterically laughing and sirens express all the times I tried
Internally trying to fight all my demons, it seems that I've lost again this time
When will the cards show, the different side to you I know
I'm starting to realize that maybe its time to 
All the pages you skipped over
Start a new story
I'm through and I'm older

Be Bold
The cowardice you showed 
Proved that you're guilty
It's time to stop cheating
You Showed
Your troubled past and how you felt
But if life's a game, you can't blame it on the hand you were dealt
Now Fold
You need to stop you hurting before you gamble your life away
Just Fold

Query Experiment

Dear Ms. Epstein,

I’m currently looking to publish my YA debut novel I Remember When. I think you might find an interest in this, because you said that you were looking for new voices in fiction. My book is reminiscent of the film Midnight in Paris as well as the book The Mortal Instruments.
My story is about a strong-willed girl with an old soul and affinity for the past named Evelyn. She has recently moved to a new town, and began working at an antique store called “I Remember When.” The owner of this store is an old Russian man with a temper named Aleksei. She is constantly being bothered by a frustratingly obnoxious man named Isaiah who is insistent on annoying Eve throughout her day. 
One day, Eve goes into the closet of the store and finds a mysterious letter addressed to Aleksei from the 1960s from a man named Barnabas Moreau. This man is warning Alek to “stop messing with time” and to “keep the girl from harm.” Eve gets back to work until she goes to the back room to explore. …


Elizabeth makes her way down the aisle of the airplane into her seat. She sighs a happy sigh and starts reading. Derrick make his way to Elizabeth.

Derrick: I think you're in my seat.
Elizabeth: No, I don't believe so. I payed extra for this.
Derrick: No Im positive.
Elizabeth: Well I dont know what to tell you. I paid for Row F Seat A and this is where Im staying.
Derrick: Ok miss whats your name?
Elizabeth: Elizabeth but I--
Derrick: Okay listen Lizzy, I paid for this seat and I am NOT going to sit in some aisle seat for some old smelly dude to step on my feet and push past me on his way to the bathroom.
Elizabeth: Well then I guess you'll just learn to embrace the smell.
Derrick. Thats it. Miss flight attendent? yes. This woman here wont remove her self from MY seat that I bought.
Elizabeth: Miss. Look at my ticket. It says right here Row F Seat A. And this obnoxious man has been pestering me for 10 minutes.
Derrick:10 minutes? Are you crazy, lady? It's been 10 seco…