Elizabeth makes her way down the aisle of the airplane into her seat. She sighs a happy sigh and starts reading. Derrick make his way to Elizabeth.

Derrick: I think you're in my seat.
Elizabeth: No, I don't believe so. I payed extra for this.
Derrick: No Im positive.
Elizabeth: Well I dont know what to tell you. I paid for Row F Seat A and this is where Im staying.
Derrick: Ok miss whats your name?
Elizabeth: Elizabeth but I--
Derrick: Okay listen Lizzy, I paid for this seat and I am NOT going to sit in some aisle seat for some old smelly dude to step on my feet and push past me on his way to the bathroom.
Elizabeth: Well then I guess you'll just learn to embrace the smell.
Derrick. Thats it. Miss flight attendent? yes. This woman here wont remove her self from MY seat that I bought.
Elizabeth: Miss. Look at my ticket. It says right here Row F Seat A. And this obnoxious man has been pestering me for 10 minutes.
Derrick:10 minutes? Are you crazy, lady? It's been 10 seconds.
Elizabeth: Crazy?! Why you annoying little--
Flight Attendant: Okay! Thats enough. Sir could I please see your ticket?
Elizabeth: Yea! Lets see it!
Derrick: Id be glad to. See I told you Row A Seat F--wait what??
Elizabeth: HA! Now get out of my seat you loud as--
Flight Att: Sir could I please have you move?
Derrick: Um. Yes. I'm so sorry I completely misread my ticket.Why don't I buy you a coffee sometime? I feel awful for all the trouble.
Elizabeth: Coffee? Um sure I guess.You know for calling me crazy.
Derrick: Absolutely.

Derrick walks back to his seat where the rest of his stuff is, with a smug smirk on his face.

Derrick: Works every time, man.
Friend: You're an asshole, dude.


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